Sell with us (Partner)

Can I Sell on PlushDoor and what all is accepted?

If you are an OEM or an authorized partner of top luxury brand in any of the segments (Automobile, Aviation, Fashion/Designer wear, Art and collectables, Lifestyle Products or electronic Products) you are eligible to sell with us.

How to register as Seller on PlushDoor?

  • There is a Partner section on the top left side of PlushDoor home page. Click on the Partner section
  • It will open drop down, Login and Register.
  • Click on Register
  • Fill in all the details and click submit
  • It will open a page for mobile phone number
  • Punch in your number and it will mail you a verification code which you need to key in the form.
  • The complete form will go to a moderator for review
  • Once approved, your account will go live
  • You can visit the account area and update all your details i.e. Bank account details and Tax details etc.
  • It will also provide you the access to your back end software of PlushDoor where you can load and manage your products.

What is a Certified Product?

A Certified Product is a Product that is authenticated by the respective authorized supplier of that product.

It certifies the authenticity of the Product and the veracity of the information provided regarding the Product features, functionality etc. This brings trust and confidence on the Product concerned.

How an individual can get his/her product certified for Sale?

PlushDoor is the facilitator for certification.

However, the entire process of Certification is carried out by the identified authorized partner(s) who are qualified to do the job.

The requirement and process of Certification is specific to the kind and nature of Product(s) under each Separate Vertical.

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