Luxury Wellness FAQ's

1. What should I expect from this Retreat?

Our idea is to deliver you ‘True Wellness,’ which is customized basis on your needs & wants. Thus, you will get personalized assessments, tests and consultations from Nutritionist, Yoga expert, Psychologist, and a Spiritual Master. It doesn’t end here. Besides this, there would be many pleasant surprises as well!

2. Anything concrete that I will achieve from the retreat?

Absolutely Yes! Though it depends on what your expectations are & what you personally want to achieve? It also depends on the duration of the retreat, for instance in 3 day retreat you will know your current health status, goal posts & how to achieve them through a solution tailor made for you, while a 7 day retreat, would also help you see some results along with above mentioned gain! Please do remember, we are wellness experts not magicians!

3. Awesome. What's the cost?

Each retreat is different & the cost would depend on the duration of the retreat, location, hotel, experts that we engage etc. Our goal is to deliver ‘Value for money’ experience. The cost for a typical 3 day retreat would range from 2000 USD to 3500 USD per person. One can imagine that there are many costs that go into organizing these retreats. For example, logistics and superb accommodations, healthy food, best experts (flown in from different locations), investment in various equipments to deliver solutions etc. We can’t be cheap, and we don't want to skimp on the details. Our goal is to deliver a brilliant experience, so that you keep investing in your health & gain priceless benefits.

4. Would the daily schedule be too tight?

We don’t want you to lose your breath by running from one schedule to another! This is a ‘Wellness Retreat’ not a ‘Stress Spiker.’ We have prepared the itineraries in such a manner that we are able to accommodate maximum ‘experiences’ yet keeping enough room to breathe & relax.

5. Can we go out of the resort for shopping or dining out?

NO! Ouch that hurts! Well we know, but we want you to experience peace & bliss during the days of the retreat. ‘Minimum the distractions, maximum the health benefit.’ You always have the option to extend your trip or land into the destination before, however, during the retreat, we suggest you control your desires!

6. Sounds Great! So... who comes on these trips?

We are creating different ‘Retreat Experiences,’ targeting couples (average age range 30 – 45), singletons, women & children, golfers, business professionals, CEOs, CIOs, etc. Each retreat would have similar profile of like-minded people. We wouldn’t be mixing children & CEOs! We guess, if you are reading these FAQs, that automatically makes you eligible to fit right in.

7. I am thinking of jumping in. So what's included, and what's not?

For the prices quoted on each trip, this usually covers your*:

  • Deluxe Accommodation (a private room in 5 Star property)
  • Airport Transfers
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Health Assessments & Tests.
  • Personalized Consultations of 45-60 Mins. each with different experts.
  • Group Activities.
  • Pleasant Surprises.
**Please look at the specific destination pages for details on what's provided in each location! While we have tried to include everything in the cost quoted for the retreat, but we couldn’t include these:
  • Air tickets,Travel Insurance, Visa cost (if any).
  • Min-bar consumption, a-la-carte orders at the hotel.

8. How long in advance do I have to book?

The sooner the better! These retreats are fairly small, accommodating only 25-30 people. We recommend an immediate booking with an advance payment / deposit.

9. What's the payment process?

Once you sign up & pay the deposit (25% of the package price), your spot is booked. Full payment must be made 30 days before the retreat commencement date.

10. What’s the cancellation procedure?

We hope this situation doesn’t arise! However, we also understand that emergencies may happen. Following are the terms:

  • Cancel before 45 days & take full refund.
  • Cancel between 30-45 days, a charge of 500$ would be made & the balance would be refunded or you can choose to ‘transfer& adjust’ the amount for a next retreat.
  • Cancel in less than 30 days, no refunds or transfers can be made. Sorry!

11. Can you do any private retreats for corporates or a group of friends?

Sure! Why not! Though it would depend on the no. of participants (which shouldn’t be less than 20 pax). We would love to talk about it more & find out what exactly the requirement is. We would be glad to tailor make the retreat as per the needs of the group.

12. If something goes wrong, what is Liability Clause?

Let’s pray that nothing goes wrong! Even if it does, it depends on what it is! Many aspects like air travel, visa, hotel services delivery etc. wouldn’t be in our hands. Yes, what we plan to deliver as part of ‘wellness services,’ is something that we owe you, hence our maximum liability would be the package price that you paid to us!

13. Do I need to disclose my existing medical conditions?

Well, Yes! Firstly, we presume that the condition wouldn’t be serious or life threatening which would restrict us in accepting your participation. Once you sign up, you will receive a link to a questionnaire which would be a preliminary assessment & would help our experts know more about you.

14. What about data privacy?

Your data is yours & we have no rights over it. All data that we collect from you in the form of any questionnaire, diagnosis, consultations etc. would be shared restrictively only with the concerned experts, so that it can be used in delivering the customized solution to you. Beyond this, the data would neither be shared nor be used for any other purposes.

15. Did we miss something?

We're happy to chat! Contact us and we'll get right back to you!

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